Bremer Farm

Meet Selena


Selena Pitt is a proud mother of six and the owner of Bremer Farm. She immediately noticed the potential in this beautiful property after knowing it's previous owner for years and soon became the first non-family member to own the farm. After a successful multi-decade career running her own trucking company, Selena saw the opportunity to follow a lifelong dream of being a part of people's special days and hasn't looked back.


A proud Australian, Selena loves to show off the history of the country through the memorable events held at the farm. She has a deep respect for the fact that Bremer has always been a family farm and plans to run it with love and pass it on to her children and grandchildren someday. Selena has already invested in extensive renovations and refurbishment of the property, and has further plans to build a restaurant and gin distillery on the property, using the saffron that is grown on site.


Selena is dedicated to impressing with customer satisfaction, and enjoys seeing both her clients and their guests thrilled with their experience at Bremer farm. With a keen attention to detail and a love of taking the guessing game out of the venue hire process, she has built a new business that is quickly becoming a local treasure.

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We loved having our wedding at Bremer Farm. Selena was easy going and the place gives the perfect rustic casual feel. We loved the ability to make the venue our own and using the space as we wanted to create our own feel. Thanks for having us.
— Chloe Viney

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A note from Selena


Thanks for visiting and taking an interest in a property that means so much to me and my family.

I am honoured to be the keeper of Bremer Farm and nothing makes me prouder than seeing guests at the property recognise the beauty that I see everyday.

My family looks forward to creating memories and momentous occasions for years to come and we hope you get the opportunity to share that with us.